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LEP08- Das Black Milk. "Sanderson Abattoir"

This is it! Art realized! A history of false starts, failed commitments, substandard recordings, and a shitload of passion. A comment on the difficult relationships in a society more concerned with convenience than depth. "Sex Freaks" was a picture of a hopeless present while "Sanderson Abattoir" is a vision of a detatched future!



LEP07- Das Black Milk/Kid Icarus. Split 7'

Leopard Libido and Summersteps Records have teamed up for this limited edition seven-inch single. Das Black Milk spews forth moody small-town lament and big city rampage fantasies. Kid Icarus turns up the overdrive and delivers a fierce and fuzzed-out dream pop masterpiece. The single is pressed on randomly-colored vinyl. No two records are the same. Get it now before it's gone!

$5.00 ppd in U.S. (International orders add $4.00)

LEP06- Das Black Milk. "Looking Fo' Time"

Das Black Milk has finished recording another album of songs called "Sanderson Abattoir." "Looking Fo' Time" is the first single. Sexual claustrophobia in the workplace set to a jittery backbeat. Enjoy the download.



LEP05- Bobby Keller. "Devil's Day Off"

Fucked shit! Scranton, Pennsylvania's first true spoken word album! Yeah, nobody in Scranton has the fucking balls to push a spoken word album! Beautiful insights from the immaculate Bobby Keller. If you're a dick, then do not download this album, cause he already made fun of your Crocs!


LEP04- ...If You Live, Shoot! "Of Coffins and Queens" EP

The sophomore EP from ...If You Live, Shoot! "Of Coffins and Queens" is the perfect sonic quilt after a cold night of indulgence. Let us not speak the word "shoe", or even "gaze" for that matter. This is completely new! Reverb as an instrument. Distorted lullabies. Blood as sound.



LEPO2- ...If They Live Shoot! "All Your Coffins, Planted" ep

Stunning 'verbgazer single out of print before it even had a chance. Expect more kids!


LEP01- Das Black Milk. "Sex Freaks"

The first Leopard Libido release! A Scranton PA post-punk classic. America at it's worst through the eyes of the most inventive Scranton band.