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December 26.....Get Cryptic and Summersteps Records' Holiday Party!!!

We contributed a track to the Summersteps Christmas Compilation cassette entitled "What we do on our Holiday(s)." The track is called "Everybody Loves a Holiday." It's a scorcher! We're also playing a Christmas party on December 26 at the Crimson Lion Hookah bar in Wilkes-Barre with our good friends Kid Icarus and Eww Yaboo. The tape will be available at the gig and free pizza will be there at midnight. You can also purchase the tape here!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Studies prove....dogs like "Cats"

Two doggies listening to DBM.....we have a cross-species appeal!!!

You should download the "Cats" single right here, right now. Your pets will love it!!!

"Talk to Your Body" is out Now!!!

The fine folks at Stress Carrier have made our new disc, "Talk to Your Body" available for purchase.

Check out at the Stress Carrier webstore!!!

You can still download the first single, "Cats", right here for FREE!!!!

Live set on WFMU....06/23/2010

We did a short, Midwestern tour and didn't even get murdered. The last date included a live, in-studio radio performance on WFMU, not only by DBM, but also the amazing Fulmarine Petrels. It's Scrantapalooza (hmm) and it airs on Wednesday night at 9pm.

Check it!!!

Back from tour.

Had a great time on our Midwestern tour with Fulmarine Petrels. Thanks to all of the people who helped out, gave us a place to bed down, or simply just hung out. We appreciate it. We hope you all enjoyed "the Freaky Fandango." I'm still a bit cloudy headed as I type this. We'll post some more pics soon.

DBM in Indiana

With Todd on the fiddle


Fulmarine Petrels in Indiana

I learned on this tour that Chuck Means Business!

New album!!! "Talk to Your Body"

Here it is!!! A whole new full-length. A lot of life changes, dietary mistakes and corporate management theory went into this one. It's also the first DBM recording to feature the complete, current five-man lineup. We'll have copies with us in time for our Midwestern tour and they should be available from Stress Carrier very soon. For the time being, enjoy a Free download of the single "Cats" along with it's accompanying "b-side", "Fixated, Unmoved" (both tracks are featured on the album).

1. Tired Eyes
2. Laissez-Faire
3. Looks Good on You
4. Shines Through
5. Smash My Face
6. Fixated, Unmoved
7. Glass
8. I am Diamonds
9. 7 and 7
10. Christmas
11. Cats
12. PHD

"Cats/Fixated, Unmoved"


New t-shirts are ready!!!!

Screen queens!!!

Das Black Milk/Fulmarine Petrels 2010 Tour

We've decided to do some early summer dates with our brother band, Fulmarine Petrels. We're sure there'll be both laughter and tears all around. We're stoked to hit the road, spread our gospel and eat badly.

June 6 - The Beauty Shop - Fairfield, IA
June 8 - Mixtapes - East Moline, IL
June 9 - Beatniks Cafe - Marion, IN
June 10 - Corner Bar - Kalamazoo, MI
June 11 - Old Glory! - Canton, OH
June 13 - WFMU (Live radio set by BOTH bands!!) -Jersey City, NJ

Das Black Milk
Fulmarine Petrels
Stress Carrier

Lateral Maneuvers is now FREE!!!

Our new full length is done and almost ready to drop. In the meantime, our last ep "Lateral Maneuvers" is available for FREE DOWNLOAD via the fine folks at Stress Carrier!!! There's a ton of other free downloads available too. Check it out!!!

Check it out:


The Marshmallow Staircase 04/10/2010!!!

Members of Das Black Milk will be playing in the Marshmallow Staircase on 04/10/2010. We'll be supporting our good friends the Dirt Vultures. Nimbus Terrifix and Jupiter Peepstone are on the bill too!!! Boo-Yaa!!!


Let's go hog wild!!!!

Playing a gig this month with our bros, Blizzard of Flies. You'll get to hear some choice cuts from our upcoming long-player. This one's gonna be a scorcher. Check out Witch Hazel and Swamp Vulture too!!!!

Happy Burfday DBM!!!

We turned three year old yesterday!!! Guess who stopped by the party!!!

....Yep....Robert Palmer.

Opening presents.

Manic Frampton

Apparently, this was Peter Frampton's reaction when he heard our new track "Laissez-Faire."

Download it here:

http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmqoufymmm3/Das Black Milk Laissez Faire.rar