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Brian TV "Gypsies, Cramps and Beads"

The debut full-length by Brian TV (solo project from Brian Emmert of Das Black Milk). This CD release marks a great leap forward in Brian TV's songwriting. A grand masterpiece of pure pop genius. You need to hear this one to believe it, kids! This one will turn heads. The cd's also sport classy, silk-screened sleeves. A must have.

The album is available for sale via Brian TV's Bandcamp page. You can also download it for free! Yep. Free.

LEP15. Brian TV/Cold Coffee split cassette.

Leopard Libido is proud to present a cassette-only, split release between Brian TV and Cold Coffee. Brian TV and Cold Coffee are the respective solo projects of Das Black Milk's Brian Emmert and Nathaniel Kane. Dark pop dirges and disjointed rhythms recalling a drunken evening from long ago. Bitter self discoveries of the plagued artist. The right an left sides of DBM's brain split in two.

The cassette and free download is available from each artists Bandcamp page: