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New album!!! "Talk to Your Body"

Here it is!!! A whole new full-length. A lot of life changes, dietary mistakes and corporate management theory went into this one. It's also the first DBM recording to feature the complete, current five-man lineup. We'll have copies with us in time for our Midwestern tour and they should be available from Stress Carrier very soon. For the time being, enjoy a Free download of the single "Cats" along with it's accompanying "b-side", "Fixated, Unmoved" (both tracks are featured on the album).

1. Tired Eyes
2. Laissez-Faire
3. Looks Good on You
4. Shines Through
5. Smash My Face
6. Fixated, Unmoved
7. Glass
8. I am Diamonds
9. 7 and 7
10. Christmas
11. Cats
12. PHD

"Cats/Fixated, Unmoved"


New t-shirts are ready!!!!

Screen queens!!!

Das Black Milk/Fulmarine Petrels 2010 Tour

We've decided to do some early summer dates with our brother band, Fulmarine Petrels. We're sure there'll be both laughter and tears all around. We're stoked to hit the road, spread our gospel and eat badly.

June 6 - The Beauty Shop - Fairfield, IA
June 8 - Mixtapes - East Moline, IL
June 9 - Beatniks Cafe - Marion, IN
June 10 - Corner Bar - Kalamazoo, MI
June 11 - Old Glory! - Canton, OH
June 13 - WFMU (Live radio set by BOTH bands!!) -Jersey City, NJ

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