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Rowland S. Howard (1959-2009).

We are saddened to hear that Rowland S. Howard has passed away. He played guitar in the Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls and was a respected solo artist.

Howard's style has had a profound influence on Das Black Milk and it's members. His guitar tone always resonated, his strumming was always subtle and his delay drenched picking furious. Rest in peace.

Holiday Hang

Keepin' this holiday Reeeealll!!!

Best Present ever!!!

Honest angel

LEP14. Das Black Milk. "Laissez-Faire". MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

This is the first new track which will be on out new full-length out probably in mid-2010 from Stress Carrier. Enjoy the free download. Merry Christmas from the Das Black Milk peeps!!!!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmqoufymmm3/Das Black Milk Laissez Faire.rar

LEP13. Das Black Milk. "Oblivion/Ah Ha Uh Ha"


Two new tracks from the new Das Black Milk ep "Lateral Maneuvers" which will be available from our good friends at Stress Carrier. Love at the end of the world decaying into surrealist cowboy stories and life affirmation. Lazy man's guitar and reverb vibrations. Ya!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/mwvyzqqjaia/Das Black Milk- Oblivion-Ah Ha Uh Ha.rar

LEP12. Fulmarine Petrels. "French Amplifier".


Leopard Libido is proud to present two tracks from the Fulmarine Petrels from their upcoming full-length on Stress Carrier. "French Amplifier" is an inner monologue plagued with tension and pyromania. It is the sound of burning hair and social rituals set to a dark rhumba. The track is followed by "Free Seeds", an excercise in textures and ominous drama. Doom never sounded so cool!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/qnndmztngjj/Fulmarine Petrels - French Amplifier.zip

LEP11- Das Black Milk. "Das Black Milk"


Here it is! Another full-length. After a grueling recording session full of indecision and self immolation, Das Black Milk deliver a chilling garage rock calamity. Summertime dirges, night sweats, money grubbing hanger-ons, and new number ordering. Let's get strange on post-millennium tensions.


LEP03- The Marshmallow Staircase. "Red Giant"

Finally!  The sultans of psych return.  Swirling dirges and groovy pulses!  "Red Giant" is truly proof that the moons are in alignment, weather patterns are increasingly strange and the tectonic plates are shifting!  The download is available on iTunes and emusic, but here's some free tracks for a taste.  Let's get paranoid!  The CD version is available through Summersteps Handmade.


Download "Photon" and "Street Patrol" from "Red Giant"
http://www.mediafire.com/file/jyht22bydy3/Marshmallow Staircase.rar

LEP10- Das Black Milk. "Light Fever"

Here it is, children!  The new "single" from Das Black Milk.  Prophetic visions and lovelorn declarations rolled together! Blazing sweat and devilish rituals! The need for communication and the desire to push them all away! This is the first blast from DBM's upcoming full-length.



LEP09- Girls Galore. "Weightless"

The embodiment of groove. Girls Galore have found the place where melody and sex meet. Slow building climaxes and silky sighs. We've woken up in bed next to these songs on quite a few hazy mornings. Yeah, it was good for us too!