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New album!!! "Talk to Your Body"

Here it is!!! A whole new full-length. A lot of life changes, dietary mistakes and corporate management theory went into this one. It's also the first DBM recording to feature the complete, current five-man lineup. We'll have copies with us in time for our Midwestern tour and they should be available from Stress Carrier very soon. For the time being, enjoy a Free download of the single "Cats" along with it's accompanying "b-side", "Fixated, Unmoved" (both tracks are featured on the album).

1. Tired Eyes
2. Laissez-Faire
3. Looks Good on You
4. Shines Through
5. Smash My Face
6. Fixated, Unmoved
7. Glass
8. I am Diamonds
9. 7 and 7
10. Christmas
11. Cats
12. PHD

"Cats/Fixated, Unmoved"

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